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Check out Trista's Blog!

 Trista started a blog recently on fiction writing and writing in general.  There will be tips and advice on writing, updates on her books, links to free books and other freebies she comes across, as well as interviews with fellow authors and more! You can follow her blog here.

       Upcoming Works               

Great news! The Magic Telescope will be published soon.  It has been removed from smashwords, but will be available in both hard copy and ebook format. Make sure you check back often for more updates!   

Trista is currently writing a Children's chapter book, hopefully on virtual shelves in the near future.  She won't say what it's about, but a little birdie told me it may have something to do with desert islands and pirate ships, something like that.   

Last updated: 05-05-2013

Sneak Peak! 

Here's a preview of one of Trista's works in progress, The Black Unicorn.  Let us know what you think!

“No, you idiot! I said turn him into a snake, NOT a unicorn!” King Marrok boomed. 

“Forgive me, my liege! I-It is a common mistake,” Murdock the magician squeaked. 

Before them stood the most magnificent creature any of them had ever seen. Black as ebony, with a long golden horn and eyes to match, was indeed, a unicorn. 

“Guards, take him away!” 

A throng of guardsmen came running in at the king’s command taking the magician into custody. 

“What of the beast, your highness?” 

“Take him to the dungeon until I decide his fate.” 

Raef couldn’t believe his ears! Moments ago he’d been summoned to his Uncle Marrok’s chambers, for what he assumed to be a lecture on his most recent reckless behavior, only to be bamboozled by his uncle’s nutty magician. He watched as a couple of guards surrounded the magician and escorted him out. He stood in shock now as the guardsmen threw a rope about his neck and began leading him out the door.